Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts

Book Two of the Sententia Series

Cara Bertrand


The continuing adventures of an ordinary teenage girl with extraordinary mental abilities, perfect for readers who love books and series such as Vampire Academy, Spellbound, and Sweet Peril.

Secrets, lies, and looming deaths—all things Lainey Young deals with in a typical day of high school. In her senior year at Northbrook Academy—a New England boarding school where the majority of the students and nearly all the staff are members of the Sententia, a hidden society of the psychically gifted—Lainey has even more to worry about. Things like classes, college, her boyfriend, and, of course, the vision she glimpsed of her impending death. But to her surprise, Lainey finds one worry she can cross off her list, namely Senator Daniel Astor, the leader of the Sententia. After a shocking discovery when they finally meet, Lainey realizes maybe she was wrong to distrust the Senator. She relaxes even further when he seems to accept her refusal to work for him after graduation. But with her secrets mounting and the time to solve them running out, there’s a final enigma Lainey hasn’t yet encountered: Daniel Astor doesn’t take no for an answer. Ever.

"Like many a romance novel, the question of will they or won’t they have sex is at the heart of Second Thoughts. But since this is a paranormal-romance novel, there is an equally important question: Will the heroine and her boyfriend kill each other first? Bertrand writes smoothly, and her characters, if improbably perfect, are engaging enough to keep the pages turning quickly and the demand for the next in the series high." ~ Booklist

"This has to be one of the most exciting Paranormal Romances to be released in a long time. Unique, filled with adventure, romance, heartache and many twists and turns, I loved everything about this read." ~Roxy Kade

"This book was very interesting and definitely kept me turning the pages. Cara Bertrand certainly made me feel like I was right in the middle of all the action." ~McTower

"The world that Bertrand has created in this series is descriptive, vivid and imaginative. It was refreshing to read a heroine that didn't have it all figured out. Lainey is smart and gifted, but she is young and inexperienced as well….This is just a great YA Paranormal read. I must warn, there is a mother of a cliff hanger here, the anticipation for the third book just might kill me! I give this one 5 stars (*****) but I recommend reading the books in order or you'll be really confused with the events in this book." ~Tammy Middleton TTC Books and More

"Bertrand balances her paranormal storyline with romance." ~ Kirkus Reviews

"The love story can be a bit too adorable at times, but it’s realistic enough that you’d wish something similar for yourself. The cutesy, aww moments are well-balanced by the level-headed decisions that the two make as a couple." ~ School Library Journal, Alexis age 18

"Packed with action, romance, wit, and unexpected twists, this novel, and the series, will appeal to fans of supernatural teen romance."
~ Christine Canfield, Foreword Reviews

Cara is a former middle school literacy teacher who now lives in the woods outside Boston with: one awesome husband, two large dogs, one small daughter, and lots of words. LOST IN THOUGHT is her first novel and was one of three finalists for the 2011 Amazon/Penguin Breakthrough Novel Award in the Young Adult category.

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CategoryChildrens - Teens
Publication Date2014-10-01
Publication StatusIn Print
Trim Size5.5 x 8
Page Count208

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