Along the Way

Along the Way

Jacqueline Kolosov

Three Friends, 33 Days, and One Unforgettable Journey on the Camino de Santiago


Three friends, 33 days, and 500 miles walking the Camino de Santiago add up to one journey they'll never forget Piper Rose, Dani Shapiro, and Alexandra 'Tessa' Louise De Mille Morrow share a history that goes back to their preschool years in Chicago when their families were still intact. Now Piper lives in Evanston with her divorced dad, her estranged, unstable mother popping in and out of her life at random moments. Meanwhile, Dani's been living in Santa Fe with a psychologist mom pregnant with her fiancé's IVF babies. The blueblood Tessa resides on a prominent street in Boston and dreams of a romantic and well-heeled love story like that of her great-grandmother who went to France during World War II. Now that it's the summer before college, these radically different friends decide to celebrate their history and their future by walking the legendary pilgrimage along the Way of St. James, from the French Pyrenees to the Spanish city of Santiago. Along the way, each young woman must learn to believe in herself as well as in her friends, as their collective journey unfolds into the experience of a lifetime.

"Evocative, cinematic, and romantic, ALONG THE WAY will transport you, taking
you on the journey of a lifetime that will test the bonds of three childhood
friends." ~ Megan Frazer, Author of SECRETS OF TRUTH AND BEAUTY, and VERY, IN PIECES

Along the Way delivers on a dazzlingly unique premise — three best friends decide to walk the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage route that dates to the ninth century [where] they experience romance, adventure and a touch of mystery. The combination of humor and heartfelt emotion adds to the appeal of this sparkling story. ~ Suzanne Harper author of THE JULIET CLUB and THE SECRET LIFE OF SPARROW DELANEY

I loved that this was a pilgrimage, physically and emotionally. The ending was good and I would love to read more about these characters and their families. I am giving this book a 4/5. ~

“If you choose to pick up this book and travel Along the Way with Tessa, Dani & Piper, and you should if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ll find a tale of heart ache, learning & growing up. It’s well told… you’ll enjoy every step” ~

"I loved this read, the message it had, the emotions I felt whilst reading it and the growth that I saw in the characters. I highly recommend [it], especially if you need encouragement, a pick me up or just a boost to kick start your life."

“Three Friends, 33 Days, and One Unforgettable Journey on the Camino de Santiago

"The long version of the title is so spot on.

[ALONG THE WAY] is all about a journey, yes. But so much more than just a walk. I absolutely loved this book. [It] touches your heart in a special way, that makes you think about your own life, but also that gives you a few chuckles while you read." ~ BookBug

"There are moments where you come across a book that leaves you with a sense of peace and serenity. Along the Way is that book.

ALONG THE WAY showcases friendship, love and self worth beautifully. I found myself completely sucked into the journeys of each and every character.

Overall, this is a story I would want many people to read. You will laugh, swoon and hopefully take something from this, I know I did. Even though I haven’t physically walked the Camino de Santiago, through Jacqueline’s writing, it felt like I was doing it along with them.”

~ Nicole and Maria, Dark Readers

"ALONG THE WAY is a lovely book about self discovery. What I loved most about it was the fact that, they didn’t have to do it alone. I liked how the characters were believable and so were their circumstances."

~ Rachel Rennie

"Looking for a great road trip book to enjoy, well this is the book for you. I had a blast going along with their adventure and finding out what they were going to do. This book had a lot of drama that had me wanting more."

~ Thoughtful Thinker, Shanae Reviews

"Three lifelong friends …realize that what seemed important or overwhelming at the beginning [of the Camino] really isn’t that big of a deal. [Along the Way] does allow you to really get to know each girl individually and experience their emotions and feelings." ~ Joanna, The Boundless Booklist

Jacqueline Kolosov walked the Way of St. James/Camino of Santiago in the summer of 1999 and had her own share of miracles (including a pony who stepped onto the path) as well as bed bugs and cyclists. Next to giving birth to her daughter, the pilgrimage is hands down the most exhilarating event of her life. Jacqueline has published several novels for teens including THE RED QUEEN'S DAUGHTER and GRACE FROM CHINA. She also writes short stories, essays and poetry. Her third collection of poems is MEMORY OF BLUE, and she has a short story collection, LOVE, THE BITTERSWEET forthcoming. A passionate animal lover, she lives with her family including 3 dogs, 2 guinea pigs and a 1/2 Andalusian mare in West Texas. Jacqueline teaches creative writing and literature at Texas Tech university. She loves to run, swim, and practice yoga. And like the friends in Along The Way, she is a bookworm, a clothes horse, and an avid (amateur) artist.

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CategoryChildrens - Teens
ImprintLuminis Books
Publication Date2015-04-01
Publication StatusIn Print
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