Amy's Choice

A young girl experiences the growing pains of high school.

Amy Henderson’s freshman year starts with a new best friend, Cat, and a newfound confidence. But she’s misses her crush, Craig, who has gone to live with his aunt in Boston. Craig has promised to write, and Amy checks the mail on a daily basis, but to no avail. There are plenty of distractions, however, that keep Amy busy. Cat’s brother, Ricky, seems interested in Amy, but is she interested in him? And a new friendship with Finn, the lighthouse keeper, who Amy discovers is a talented artist, keeps Amy and Cat busy as they arrange for him to exhibit his work. But things get complicated when Craig returns from Boston and Finn is accused of arson. There are more questions than answers for Amy as life becomes as turbulent as the cold and stormy ocean of her coastal Maine town. Ideal for preteens and young teens, this novel is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Call Me Amy and touches upon issues of friendship, boyfriend troubles, and the power of believing in oneself

"This author is one of those rare gems who not only loves to write, but the library is a part of her life, and the reader can most certainly tell. The characters of Amy, Finn, Cat, Ricky and so on, are believable and unforgettable, which makes this a true 'Coming of Age' story, but with entertainment, fun, friendship, and even a mystery that must be solved." ~ Amy Lignor for Feathered Quill

Amy's first-person voice is pleasant, straightforward... [Amy’s Choice is] Calm, pleasant, decidedly "clean.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

"It was so wonderful to pick up a book that was so pure and innocent with plenty of emotion. I thoroughly enjoyed CALL ME AMY...A fantastic tale of friendship with plenty of meaning, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish... ~Roxy Kade

Amy’s Choice depicts the satisfying tale of love, hope, friendship, and life choices. In essence, Amy’s character fights as she struggles to find her true voice in the outside world. Her companions Cat, Ricky, Craig, Finn, and so on are unbelievable and unforgettable characters throughout the story, leaving the readers with a sweet-natured feeling of the power of believing in one’s self. -- San Francisco Book Review

“Strykowski ably depicts Amy’s insecurity and self-doubt, Craig’s bravura and pain, and Miss Cogshell’s wisdom with a deft, convincing touch. In essence, Amy comes of age as she fights to find her voice in the outside world and shed some of her debilitating insecurity. Readers will cheer her on, and her splendid team too.” —Booklist on Call Me Amy

“Well-drawn, sympathetic characters and the developing spark between Amy and Craig combine to create a pleasant, satisfying read.” —Kirkus Reviews on Call Me Amy

“Strykowski lovingly captures seaside Maine and the travails of adolescence in her quiet, sweet-natured debut novel.” —Publishers Weekly on Call Me Amy

"After Miss Cogshell's death and Craig, Amy's crush, going to Boston for a little while, Amy feels so alone. Until Cat Fantino moves to town. They become best friends, help Finn, the lighthouse keeper, stay out of jail, and help Finn sell some of his artwork. All the while Amy might be falling for Ricky, Cat's brother, just in time for Craig to come home." —Kady Williams,

"A fantastic tale of friendship with plenty of meaning, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish." —Roxy Kade,

"This is a gentle read with the most controversial issue being underage smoking. All the issues addressed here are wrapped up by the end of the novel and Amy is happy with her choices." —Natalie Struecker, School Library

"I really liked this book. I usually read fantasy so this was a new experience for me, but I learned that fantasy isn’t the only genre I like. I would recommend this to middle school students, summer book lists, people who like historical fiction." 4 Stars – LitPick

Marcia Strykowski has always felt a connection to the ocean and its creatures. She has adopted a puffin named Abigale through Project Puffin, and more recently adopted a harbor seal from World Wildlife Fund. When she’s not watching the waves, she works at a public library. After numerous magazine and anthology contributions, Call Me Amy is her first novel.

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CategoryChildrens - Teens
Publication Date2014-11-01
Publication StatusIn Print
Trim Size5.5 x 8
Page Count178

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