The Possibility of Snow

The Possibility of Snow

Al Riske



An engaging, lyrical, and, at times, disturbing novel, The Possibility of Snow tells the story of a once-promising friendship that dissolves into antagonism. Steve and Neil room together at a small college in New England and soon become fast friends, until things go strangely wrong. Steve is eccentric, slightly paranoid, and too perceptive for his own good. He knows the difference between what people say and what they do. Neil is reflective, sincere, and not as together as he seems. There's not much he's sure of anymore. They know each other very well and understand each other not at all.

"Each character in this lively novel has personality that jumps off the written page. A simple story about a single event and how it changes the lives of those involved." - on Sabrina's Window

"I highly recimmend Sabrina's Window, and give it five stars. Accessible and thought provoking. You can't go wrong. Al Riske penned a sure fire winner." - on Sabrina's Window

"In THE POSSIBILITY OF SNOW, Al Riske explores the boundaries of male friendship, inviting the reader to consider the limits of loyalty, companionship, and love.” ~ Barbara Shoup, author of AN AMERICAN TUNE and LOOKING FOR JACK KEROUAC

"If I had to pick one word to describe the way I felt reading The Possibility of snow it would be – uncomfortable. There are so many important topics addressed in this book through dialogue. The Possibility of Snow reads like a vignette into Neil & Steve’s lives, and focuses almost entirely on their relationship without developing who they are as people outside the relationship.

However, that focus is totally intentional, and clearly moves the story forward.

In the end, you may feel both a sense of loss and peace, but also anger. Whatever your reaction to this work, it will be visceral." ~ Naimeless Blog Review

"The storyline flowed smoothly and the history between the characters was well written. The ending blew me away! This book will challenge the way you think." ~ Rhonda Gothier, Granny Loves to Read Blog

"This is the story of a friendship that does go on. It is a story of how a relationship falls apart. I give this book a 4/5." ~ Deal Sharing Aunt Blog

"This book was excellent… honest, real, emotional and very well written. It was great to read and connect with both character and story, making it hard to put the book down. I recommend giving this a read!" ~ Bri Wignall, NaturalBri Blog

"THE POSSIBILITY OF SNOW reminds us what it is like to develop a new relationship and all of the emotions involved. [It] keeps you turning the pages as Al Riske pushes the limits with the friendship of these two characters." ~ Rachel Rennie, Rachel Rennie's Blog Reviews

“…the author does a great job of showing the boundaries of new friendships and what happens when those boundaries are crossed. The novel, which starts off light and care free soon turns dark, pitch black. I give the book 4 out of 5 stars.” ~ KM Hodge, KM Hodge Author Reviews

Al Riske grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, and ghostwriter. His short stories have appeared in Beloit Fiction Journal, Pindledyboz, Switchback, and Blue Mesa Review, where his story “Pray for Rain” won the review’s 2008 fiction prize. He now lives in California with his wife, Joanne, and their dog, Bodie.

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ImprintLuminis Books
Publication Date2015-05-01
Publication StatusIn Print
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