This Ordinary Life

This Ordinary Life

Jennifer Walkup


High-school radio host Jasmine Torres's life is full of family dysfunction, but if she can score the internship of her dreams with a New York City radio station, she knows she can turn things around. That is, until her brother Danny's latest seizure forces her to miss the interview, and she's back to the endless loop of missing school for his doctor appointments, picking up the pieces of her mother's booze-soaked life, and stressing about Danny's future.

Then she meets Wes. He's the perfect combination of smart, cute, and funny. He also happens to have epilepsy like her brother. Wes is living a normal life despite his medical issues, which gives Jasmine hope for Danny. But memories of her cheating ex-boyfriend keep Jasmine from going on a real date with Wes, no matter how many times he asks her. Jasmine can't control everything, not who wins the internship, not her mother's addiction, not her brother's health, not even where her heart will lead her. She wishes she could just have an ordinary life, but Jasmine may just discover that what she already has is pretty extraordinary after all.

“I adore This Ordinary Life! It has so much heart and soul, it’s like I walked into Jasmine’s life and left on the last page knowing her. The radio premise is new and fresh. This book has everything...! ~ Jaime Blair, author of Leap of Faith and Lost to Me

"The relationship between Jasmine and her little brother, Danny, will break your heart and put it back together again." - Rachael Allen, author of of 17 First Kisses and The Revenge Playbook

"This Ordinary Life rises well above the ordinary; while the romance is swoon-worthy, it is the love between Jasmine and her little brother that makes the book so vibrant and harrowingly real." - Tracy Banghart, author of the Rebel Wing series

"Jasmine is really one of the most admirable heroine that I’ve ever read. I can’t help but be charmed and fascinated by This Ordinary Life. I can confidently say that there’s nothing ordinary about this book. I highly recommend it!" ~ Her Book Thoughts Blog

Jennifer Walkup’s writing is beautiful. It’s smooth and well-paced. Although it is quite a short book, TOL packs a powerful punch to your heart. I love the sibling relationship and how much Jazzy cares for him. Often, short books are rushed or there isn’t much plot but TOL is the opposite. It’s a well- thought out plot with an array of events.
This Ordinary Life is an amazing read. I highly recommend it if you want a quick, but emotion-packed story with heart felt characters.,,this was my first 5 star in a while. Definitely pick this up! ~ Princessica of Books Blog

"This Ordinary Life is an obvious gem. It's so well-written and perfectly paced which are both traits that are not as common as one would like. The author made a really adorable and cute story without overdoing the fluffiness. It was a fluffy story with a bit of more serious topics and one of the cutest love interests ever." ~ Seamless Reader Blog

"The story was really inspiring and heartfelt. It’s about family, friendship, love and reaching your dreams. It’s a light and fun read. Perfect to cuddle with in case you need a book to lighten up your mood!" ~ The Bibliophile Confessions Blog

This Ordinary Life was amazing. It’s got everything, romance, high school, radio, cute boys, epilepsy, broken families, and hope and ties them together in a way that will resonate with every reader. ~ Martina's Bookcase Blog

"This book was the right amount of tough issues and light romance. It was really well balanced, in that I never fell too far on one side or the other. This isn’t a light-hearted romance. Jasmine is dealing with some serious shit, especially considering she is in high school. And yet, the romance part of the book left me smiling." ~ Such A Novel Idea

"Danny's medical problems along with Jasmine's complete devotion to him makes the story pull at your heartstrings. It's sad, full of love, and deeply realistic." ~ A Dream Within a Dream

Award-winning author Jennifer Walkup is most often found writing, reading, and spending time with her husband and young sons. A member of SCBWI and RWA, Jennifer also works as an editor and creative writing instructor, and is an advocate for Epilepsy awareness.

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CategoryChildrens - Teens
ImprintLuminis Books
Publication Date2015-10-19
Publication StatusIn Print
Trim Size5.5x8.5
Page Count240

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